Combining your landscaping dreams while building your dream home can be cost saving. The commencement of new home construction is an ideal time to begin the preliminary landscape design. Large machine such as excavators or back hoes are brought in to dig your homes foundation Time for these machines can be costly, as well there is a transport fee, so we recommend utilizing this time to place large rocks, level areas, create large garden beds or removing unwanted vegetation. Greg Bianchini the President of GNB Builders Inc. has an eye for landscape design and can assist you in making some of the large decisions.

Built Green Custom Home

Commonly the planting of trees, shrubs and grass occur when the home is complete due to safety issues and to prevent damage to new plants. Learning about the different plants that grow in your area and some of the local gardening challenges is advised before spending a lot of money at the garden store. Many homes on Vancouver Island are challenged with browsing from Island deer, however there are deer resistant shrubs that are beautiful and hardy.

The following sites are helpful

  • BC Landscape and Garden Associations website, Garden Wise. 
  • Canadian Garden Resource, strictly for gardening in Canada, I can Garden
  • Online Garden Guide with gardening /images and information covering flowers, vegetables and herbs,
  • Canadian Gardener Magazine’s website offers landscape ideas, garden tips, lots of photos and links. Canadian Gardening Online
  • A family favorite, Dave’s Garden a website packed with information, photos and gardening tips.Dave’s Garden
  • Stokes is a great resource and offers high quality seeds and accessories for both home gardeners, Stokes
  • Another Canadian favorite is Veseys which offer a free catalogue, lots of excellent information, unique plants and seeds and endless photos, Veseys.
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